"favorite" and "retweet" status from the retweeted tweets issues


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Here is the full scene: If I follow Kobe Bryant in Twitter, and Kobe retweeted one of the tweet posted by Shaq, then I have no idea how to get the correct my favorited/retweet status from the tweet. After I do favorite/retweet to this tweet, what I parsed from GET statuses/home_timeline still get two false in the two keys “favorited” and “retweeted”. When I check on my PC, I found that this tweet is marked with the favorited and retweeted. I think it means that the retweet and favorite function is success.

One more question is that from now I can’t find a way to undo the retweet in API 1.1. What should I do to get the retweet status id? For example, when invoking the GET statuses/home_timeline, I expect the returned result should include retweeted_status such as the following. Therefore, i can get the id from the returned retweeted_status (“id”:322585908304019456) then I can use it to invoke the POST statuses/destroy/:322585908304019456 for undoing a retweet. However, the retweeted_status is not in the returned result. Do I have any way to get the retweet_status of the specific tweet id?

“created_at”:“Fri Apr 12 07:2 8:03 +0000 2013”,

“retweeted _status”:{
“created_at”:“Fri Apr 12 05:44:08 +0000 2013”,



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I’ve read the five related content suggested, but most of the information only works in API 1.0 instead of 1.1. I still can’t get my issues solved. Could anyone help to check?


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