Hello there.

I’ve built the simple HTML widget provided by Twitter called the “Faves”. It “seems” to work but looks like it has way too many issues for me…

Here’s a link to this widget I am talking about:


The idea is – Questions can be tweeted to #NAMICpolicy. Someone will be logged in to the account that setup the widget, and we’ll be favoriting the best tweet-questions. ONLY APPROVED TWEETS must show up on this webpage.

It looks like the code crashes at one point or another, it stops dynamically updating the favorited tweets… if you try to favor a tweet, then UNfavor it, the list still doesn’t keep updating… So it’s really confusing to me why that doesn’t work well. It also appears to only support 20 tweets…

I would like the list to dynamically update every minute or so. I would like the list to support UNLIMITED TWEETS.

Can you please help clarify this? I did not find up-to-date documentation on the settings you require us to fill out when provisioning the FAVES up, so please advise. I am in dire need of getting this straightened out.


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