Fast Follow is spamming my customers - how can I stop the spam?


We have used a Twitter account for years very successfully to reach our customers for legitimate business purposes. A large number of customers follow our account’s tweets by registering with Fast Follow on their mobile phones. A couple of days ago, we began receiving numerous complaints from new and returning customers who are now receiving inappropriate spam content from Twitter with their Fast Follow confirmation text message.

Spamming our customers in the confirmation text is a little bothersome to us. However, spamming customers with inappropriate content is completely unacceptable to us and to our customers; this poor behavior damages both our and Twitter’s image to customers around the world. It also makes the Fast Follow option very unattractive to potential users.

I imagine that other businesses that have also integrated Twitter into their customer experience will have concerns very similar to ours.

What steps can be taken by us and Twitter to immediately halt the spamming of our Fast Follow customers?


NOTE: If the below solves your spamming issue please reply back and let the forum know. Perhaps if enough twitter users are made aware of the below (what access you may have given to third party sites) they’ll get mad enough to force twitter to change this and disallow third party sites from requiring that kind of access.

If you have not already done so, go to your settings and select APPS and if you have one or more apps/sites listed their with authorized access then chances are that one or more of those apps/sites is doing this. How?

When you sign into another site using your twitter account, one of the permissions you may be authorinzing is for the site to send tweets on your behalf. I have no idea why Twitter even alklows sites to require that kind of access but they do. I just find out about this myself and I immediately revoked access to all apps/sites that I had previously signed onto with mt twitter account.

FYI - A recomendation made by one developer is to have 2 twitter acounts, one you use and one you use to sign into other sites with and nothing else.


Thank you for sharing the suggestion @EdCarden. The issue you describe (third party access) doesn’t appear to be the issue here.



Unfortunately we can’t help with account spam issues here. Your best bet is to contact @support at and file a ticket with their support forms.

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