Fall back of unsupported language variant to parent language is not working



Although the Twitter documentation clearly mentions,

The languages presently supported by the widgets are: hi, zh-cn, fr, zh-tw, msa, fil, fi, sv, pl, ja, ko, de, it, pt, es, ru, id, tr, da, no, nl, hu, fa, ar, ur, he, th.

If an unsupported language variant is specified that isn’t supported, the widget will be rendered in the matching parent language: For example es-mx will be rendered as es.

However this is not working.
We have Twitter timeline where we have language code as es-AR, es-MX, es-ES, es-CO, etc. The widget should be translated to “es”. However, this is not happening. The widget is being translated to “en” instead.

This has broken our Twitter widget translation on different culture version sites


There is a similar issue here: Bug? data-lang now only accepts "parent" language codes

This is still not fixed @benward


Hi Abhishek,

Sorry about this. The fallback behavior has regressed in the current release. We have a fix prepared and will have released tomorrow morning along with some other fixes. Apologies for the confusion.



This issue has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience.