Fake Accounts


I’m not sure I’d this is the right category for this. But considering authentication of my account is the subject I think it might be appropriate.
I attend a school where they understand social networking very well and some things you post on the Internet can result in punishments, as this I’d high school I see that the fake account of me could propose a threat to my education and even onto my record for college.

The fake account makes me look bad, recently I’ve tried tweeting a more entertaining style and are gaining more feedback and noticeability. There’s already someone trying to impersonate me, can you believe that?
As I understand verification is not allowed or based off the public request I would suggest that it would be the best way to protect my education and future.
The fake account has received 4 followers in one day, although 2 of them also follow me. It’s almost like they’re confused by it, and if this happens within just a few days of entertainingly twitter I worry more fake accounts could be created.

Please respond,
AyeItsJCook (The Real JCook)