Failed to validate oauth signature and token


Hi there,

Today I ran into this error while requesting a new request_token.
After checking my code over and over again I used the oAuth tool from this very website and checked the curl code provided.
I still get the same error.
I read the oAuth FAQ but my systemtime is in time and my nonce is good to go.
My signature cannot be invalid if your oAuth tool is working ( which i assume :slight_smile:



The OAuth tool is not capable of generating a valid request to oauth/request_token as it’s tool for debugging OAuth with resource API methods. By sending an oauth_token in the oauth/request_token request (which is included when you use the OAuth tool) you invalidate your request in a different way.

What you should use that tool for is ensuring that given all the same exact parameters that you’re able to generate the exact same signature and authorization header using your own code. It works best as a golden example.

Step away from the specific call you’re trying to make and abstract the process a bit instead.


Ok, I now know that there is something wrong with my timezone/time.
I read about it here but have some mysterious problems.

I am working on windows 7 and simply changed my timezone and force a new sync with the windows time servers. After that i still got the error so i changed back to my old timezone ( GMT + 1 Berlin ).
Then it worked for about 5 minutes and now i get the old error. Trying to repeat the method does not work…

Any ideas what I could do ?

// Adding the exact error output and some more info
Error : { ‘Failed to validate oauth signature and token’: ‘’ }
Response Header Date : Sat, 02 Jun 2012 22:52:17 GMT
My System Date : Sat Jun 02 2012 22:52:17 GMT+0000 (Koordinierte Weltzeit)


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Email address is not available, as noted in our FAQ:



I’m not familiar enough with Windows systems to know how to configure this reliably on that system. Essentially though it shouldn’t matter what timezone your machine is set in as long as you can still perform date math sufficiently to get that “current time” to UTC and then epoch time.

One approach some developers have when they can’t rely on the clock of the machine they’re on is to issue a HEAD API request to – then take the Date HTTP header and compare it to the timestamp on your machine. Then adjust for the delta between before making oauth_timestamp calculations for actual API requests.


i get the same issue since this morning;


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I am having the same problem and i am looking for a solution that is not involved with time stamp.


I have been using scribe lib for authentication process .Everything was working fine ,but since last week I’m getting problem in the request_token ,the error which I get is “Failed to validate oauth signature and token”

Please help me to figure it out what may be the issuses,I have changed and checked my timezone which is correct,still getting same error.