Failed to validate oauth signature and token


This time thing is extremely dumb considering many developers don’t have the ability to control their server’s system time.

In the mean time: just request the headers from some random server (like Twitter!) parse out the Date returned, and then feed it back to them. Works like a charm, so far, albeit slower execution.


Hello i m getting this error plz help …Array ( [Failed to validate oauth signature and token] => ).


if you using api of Abhram Williams twitter auth api and if you get error like “Failed to validate oauth signature and token” open Oauth.php
Replace the existing function with this one
private static function generate_timestamp() {
return time();
or if you create you own api then oauth_timstamp param must be in UTC current timestamp
the error is occur due to timezone is not in UTC timezone this php function makes in that


Just for others this is due to the fact that time is saved in BIOS for both windows and Linux so changing it in any OS on a PC will change them all


Same problem, anyone can help me with JSP serverside code for Tweet?


Estava com o mesmo problema. Li que os colegas programadores conseguiram resolver quando acertaram o timestamp do servidor, resolvi tentar e “capixi”, funcionou. Eu estou utilizando um servidor Debian. Para acertar o timestamp do Debian eu apenas segui os passos em:, note que não realizei o update manual e sim instalei o ntp


Hello! I’ve replaced the function generate_timestamp() with yours but i’m still getting the error ‘Failed to validate oatuh signature and token’. I’m using windows, do you have any ideas??


I checked the epoch time that was sent in the URL as well as the epoch time from the response header and they were just 15 seconds apart, but it still gives the aforementioned error message. Is there anything else that could be wrong? On my Twitter dev page it says “It looks like you haven’t authorized this application for your own Twitter account yet”, but the point is I’m trying to do that programmatically from PHP, so I shouldn’t have to do that from the dev portal, right?


I have been using scribe lib for authentication process .Everything was working fine ,but since last week I’m getting problem in the request_token ,the error which I get is “Failed to validate oauth signature and token”

Please help me to figure it out what may be the issuses,I have changed and checked my timezone which is correct,still getting same error.



I have same issue… last two days