Failed to validate oauth signature and token issue. Need help


I am using java script library to generate the oauth_signature.

I see no issues for the below oauth_signature when I tried to request for request tokens. I get request tokens in the response.


I get “Failed to validate oauth signature and token” for the below oauth_signature.


After I debug. i found that when ever there is “+” symbol in oauth signature I get error response as above.

I am seeing this issues for past two days only. I never changed my code. Can you please let me know the solution for this issue. since i am using third party java script library to generate the signature.



  • A JavaScript implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm, SHA-1, as defined
  • in FIPS PUB 180-1
  • Version 2.1a Copyright Paul Johnston 2000 - 2002.
  • Other contributors: Greg Holt, Andrew Kepert, Ydnar, Lostinet
  • Distributed under the BSD License
  • See for details.



you can decode that character into url encoding characters.