Failed to get a proxied URL for the image


I’ve validated my Card tags but am constantly getting the error 'Failed to get a proxied URL for the image."

My tag is ‘<meta name=“og:image” content=“”>’

I’ve noted in other discussions that many other people have been having this problem for some time, so I was wondering if there is an ETA for fixing it.




Can you share a link to your page with the markup? It will help me check a few things.


I’m getting this error a lot too. Example page ::


I have the same error. Image URL is


Also getting this error with images hosted in S3.

example URL:


Thanks, everyone. We’re investigating this for each of your URLs. I’ll follow up with what we find.


I’m getting the same error with this image URL:


I also got the same error :Failed to get a proxied URL for the image.
The URL:


We’re getting this error too.

Image URL:
Page URL:


Same error too.
Image URL:
Page URL:


I’m getting the same issue as everyone else with the page:


We are actively working on a fix for this problem.


Thanks for the update, Sylvain!


Thanks, Sean! Appreciate your team jumping on this!


This should be fixed now, let us know how it works for you guys.


Seems to work now. Thanks!


Yep I can confirm fixed too.

New issue for me though. I can start a new thread if needed… The issue is that the wrong card type is displaying. We’re using meta name=“twitter:card” content=“summary_large_image”

It shows the right preview in the preview tool:

But in reality uses the standard small-image type of card:

Example URL:


Yup, thanks!


We have two domains.
This one validates good.
This one contains the same markup but properties values differ but is does not validate with error «Failed to find any meta tag from the page markup».


And image:
Doesn’t work, shows “Failed to get a proxied URL for the image” error again.