Failed to fetch page due to: ChannelClosed



I’m facing an error when testing the twitter card of one of my websites, the validator tells me:
ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: ChannelClosed and I can’t find any topic about this either on the docs or the forums.

Website url:
Error: Failed to fetch page due to: ChannelClosed

I’m even able to fetch the page with curl -A Twitterbot Pastebin

Tell me if you need more infos,
Hope you can help me :slight_smile:


No help ? :frowning:


Still no one able to help ? :confused:


No ideas ?


I still don’t know how to fix that :confused:


Okok, but someone can help me ?
If you see this message, please tell me even if you can’t help me… :sob:


I didn’t manage to make it work, someone have an idea ?


It’s been more than 2 months still no help


@Moutard3 I’ve honestly never come across this same error with any other sites before. What I’m seeing is a “ChannelException at remote address” even though I can see your site in a browser. What web server are you using for hosting? How is your site built? I’m totally baffled by this.


I’m also suprised that I don’t get this error on other sites that are hosted on the same hosting.
All the websites are hosted on OVH, php 5.6, cakephp 2 and 3.
I’ve got the error on:

But not on them:

It worked on all the websites for a while, but suddently it stopped working for 2 of them. :confused:


Ah :’(