Failed to crawl url validating twitter card


I’ve been testing some pre-production code via localtunnel to validate the twitter cards before pushing them out for actual validation and out of the blue the validation endpoint has started returning: {“status”:“error”,“url”:"<url i’m testing>",“error”:“Failed to crawl url, debugId: 3557510175088-791063”,“tags”:[],“card_builder_errors”:[]}.

The cards were previously completely valid, I did some some previous throttled messages, so i reduced the testing frequency and now can’t get the URL crawled at all.


Same issue here. Hello DEV’s anybody want to chime in? How about a service status?


Same here… Really frustrating


Hi @christaggart, @HotSpotLingerie, and @ponder. Could you all provide example URLs so I can investigate further? This error message covers a wide range of issues; we are working on better error messaging.