Failed to Crawl URL [Twitter Player Card]


We’ve recently encountered a problem with the twitter player card. It does not show up inline embedded in a tweet, and in the validator it gives us an error such as: Failed to crawl url, debugId: 760025152922.

We’ve checked our code and nothing seems out of the ordinary which might cause it to break, here’s a sample url if you want to take a look:


Hello Rishabh,

Could you please make sure your page is retrievable from a bot and also provide a robots.txt? While your Twitter Cards markup seems correct, I currently receive a HTTP 500 error when executing this cURL command on your URL:

$ curl -v -A Twitterbot


thanks for the reply @romainhuet, seems like that was indeed the case, we have resolved the issue on our end (turns out no one here checked this specific issue)

thanks again!


Perfect, Rishabh, glad to hear!