Failed to crawl url, debugId: 4095573697037-725035


Hi guys,

Getting this error with Twitter cards. Can you shed some light on it?

Kind regards



What is the url for your cards?



same here with me


I am now getting this “failed to crawl url” error with the validator tool no matter what URL I try, even with URLs that have working twitter cards like in my own site. Please help.


Same problem here.

Tried in 10 different domains and same error.


Can you please share out the URLs you tried?



This appears to work now.

What a great looking BBQ!


Many thanks Ryan, but after all that the new Twitter design makes it difficult for visitors to notice that there is an attached twitter card (maybe there’ll address it in the next update).

Kind regards



Thanks for the feedback! You are correct, the engineering is aware of that situation so stay tuned.