Failed to crawl url : Can't find Solution


Just launched a new site, which incorporates the Pro version of NextGen Open Graph+, which automatically includes Twitter Card data.

I have verified through viewing page sources on all published posts that the correct tags are being delivered. I have also included a Twitterbot rule in the robots.txt file.

Running tests using the “Try Cards” validator, I have copied and pasted every element from the OG Tags and the tests return a correct preview.

For absolutely every URL on our site, we still get a “Failed to crawl url, debugId: ####”. I need to find a solution for this very quickly.

I have researched every forum post hear and tried all solutions in Twitter’s documentation. Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Here is an example of “Failed to crawl url” on the site:

Blog Post - : Failed to crawl url, debugId: 3500666549258-904097