Failed to associate tweet with the line item



Failed to associate tweet with the line item.
Would you please take a look into it?

The tweet

twurl -H -XGET "/3/accounts/18ce54iditw/scoped_timeline?objective=WEBSITE_CLICKS&scoped_to=none" | jq '.data[] | select(.id_str=="953909694187229185")'

The line item

twurl -H -XPOST "/2/accounts/18ce54iditw/promoted_tweets?line_item_id=b1uv5&tweet_ids=953909694187229185"



Could you paste also the responses?



{"errors":[{"code":"INVALID","message":"Tweet : 953909694187229185 not appropriate for objective WEBSITE_CLICKS","attribute":"tweet_id"}],"request":{"params":{"line_item_id":"b1uv5","tweet_ids":[953909694187229185],"account_id":"18ce54iditw"}}}

#4 - You are receiving this error because Promoted Tweets without links or Twitter Ads Cards are not allowed for that objective. It looks like your tweet doesn’t have any links and is not using cards.



But the tweet could be get by that objectvie “WEBSITE_CLICKS” as the following.

twurl -H -XGET "/3/accounts/18ce54iditw/scoped_timeline?objective=WEBSITE_CLICKS&scoped_to=none" | jq '.data[] | select(.id_str=="953909694187229185")' 



Looks like is an unconsistent behaviour about “scoped_timeline” endpoint.

You can’t use tweets without links or cards in Website Conversion Campaigns.

This is the Tweet you’re trying to add, and it doesn’t have a link:


Thank you so much for the info.
So I need to check the tweet content every time when I create Website Conversion Campaigns?


Well, I’ve only pointed that could be a mistake in Ads API side.

Maybe some Twitter Staff could help better here



Could you be kind to help answer this one?
Thanks in advance.


Thanks, We’ll take a look to determine what could be going on.