Fade effect problem


Hello all,

in last 2-3 days got problem with ‘fade’ effect in my Twitter widget. Fade doesn’t work anymore.
Something wrong with http://widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js ?

Thanks for help in advance,



The fade effect has been removed. We had a report a little while ago that the fade animation in our old widget was causing severe page performance and memory usage issues in some versions of Firefox (reason: triggering page redraws within short setTimeout intervals.) This widget dates back to a time before requestAnimationFrame existed. Now, as these widgets are going to be deprecated in the near future, I prioritised fixing the negative impact on page performance over reimplementing the visual effect.

You’ll notice if you check the error console on your page that the current widgets will cease working soon and you should considering swapping to the new version (there’s a prefilled link to the configurator for your widget provided in the message.) In an ideal world we’d have been able to just transparently move these over somehow, but on this occasion we can’t; sorry about that.

And, just to pre-empt something from the forum at large: We are aware of the disparity between customisation options in the old and new widgets. News on that soon.



Dear Ben,
many thanks for detailed explanations. I ‘Gooogled’ a lot but didn’t found any answer on this question.
Well… will waiting for the next version.
Many thanks again for help and best regards,