Facing problem when passing more than 1 parameter to a Twitter Api request


I am facing a problem with the new v1.1 twitter api. My problem is that when i am passing more then 1 parameter to any twitter request for example:

$twitter->statuses_homeTimeline(array(‘count’ => 10, ‘max_id’ => $max_id));

Then it’s throwing an error message that “Couldn’t authenticate you.”

Please help me regarding this.

Looking forward to your answer.




Is anyone there???

I am waiting for the response…!!


It looks like you are using a PHP library to manage your interactions with Twitter. This library is not provided by or supported by Twitter. You should follow up with the maintainer of the PHP library you are using to see if they are fully supporting Twitter REST API v1.1, and if there is a newer version of the library that solves the issue you are seeing.