Facing problem in while i am doing Tweet


After clicking Tweet button,I need to customize the content and then I need to tweet the new content instead of old content.
(Ex:Tweeting my website url after that I need to customize the Url and I need to pass that variable or stored content to twitter and I need to tweet that new content).Because I did not seen any attributes or parameters to catch or handle user parameters or varialbles,is there any way to catch the user parameters.Please provide me the code snippet if u have.
Right know I am using traditional code(Tweet)


While you can precustomize the message in the tweet button, the end-user is in ultimate control of all text and URLs submitted when the button is used. While there are “web intents javascript events” that you can use to track “the fact” that a tweet was sent through your Tweet Button, it will not provide you with: the actual tweet text sent, the user who sent the tweet, the ID of the tweet, or any other direct information that may be used to personally identify the tweeter.


do you want to change user input content (from formular) before sending Tweet by PHP?
how? … add something before/after the URL(s) ?

$userinput = $_REQUEST['usrtxt']; // ---- text from formular input ----

e.g.: function to add some text bevore and after url(s) in string

// ---------- function: ----------
function str_url_edit ($string) {
preg_match_all(’|(http://[^\s]+)|’, $string, $matches);
if($matches) {
foreach($matches[0] as $match) {
$editurl = “add_something_bevore”.$match.“add_something_after”;
$string = str_replace($match, $editurl, $string);
return $string;

// ---------- usage: ----------
$neu_str = str_url_edit($userinput);

are you using REST API ?
You can get Users Data with GET users/show or GET users/lookup

$readurl = "http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show/".$user_screen_name.".json";

…or what do you mean with user parameters, attributes, varialbles

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