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I have multiple Twitter accounts and multiple Facebook pages that I need to sync. I need Tweets from specific accounts to go to specific Facebook pages I manage. Previously, I used RSS Graffiti to make this happen. Due to the new Twitter policies, I can no longer use that app to accomplish this task.

So, I started using the native Twitter app. I like it, except for one thing. You can only have one Twitter account going to one Facebook profile. I need to be able to have multiple Twitter accounts mapping to multiple pages through my one Facebook profile.

I am fine with using the native Twitter app. I support you guys. I’m thankful for the service. I just wish you would make this feature work for me.



Yes, that’s something that I would like as well! I have one twitter account, and I want those tweets to be updated to two different Facebook pages


I also manage two twitter accounts that map to one Facebook profile and connected FB page. This is definitely a compatibility issue between the two platforms. Please, we need a fix!


I have three music schools, three twitter accounts and three facebook pages all running through my personal account. Please provide a fix for this soon!


Bumping this as it needs addressing, I have a personal Twitter that feeds to my personal Facebook account, but I also have a number of company FB pages and Twitter accounts I want to link that I can’t because Twitter won’t let me hook up my FB account to more than one Twitter account.

This seems like a pretty poor choice and needs addressing. I should be able to hook 1 FB account up to multiple Twitter accounts so I can post to pages.


I agree whole heartedly. I manage social media for 8 different companies and can only connect Twitter for one of these companies to my account. There is no way I will create 8 different Facebook profiles to manage 8 different twitter accounts. This needs to change!



Unfortunately we can’t help with account support issues here. Your best bet is to contact @support at http://support.twitter.com/forms and file a ticket with their support forms.

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I have the same issue,

I manage multiple pages from my personal facebook and I really need to be able to link multiple twitter accounts to my pages without needing to open multiple facebook profiles


I need a solution for this too! bump.


Bump. Definitely true. I need to manage posts to a page I administrate, and then I have personal posts on the side. One is a business, one is me – obviously I’d need to hook up two profiles!


Another Bump. I cannot believe that I cannot link a business Twitter account to a Facebook Page because I already have my personal Twitter linked to my personal FB profile! Think it’s more a FB issue than Twitter’s though :confused:


same here : 1 facebook profile, 3 pro pages… a solution plz!


hffgg hello my dear


Any progress with this issue @JasonCFowler ???


Definitely a need. I am trying to link my business Facebook to my twitter, but, since I use the same login for both my business and personal Facebook, it only selects my personal. Does anyone know how to pick which profile to link to?


I manage several Facebook Pages under one (personal) Facebook profile and need to link the various pages to their related Twitter accounts. I used to be able to do this but now when you try to link to a Facebook page, it tells you there was a problem connecting to that profile and that you need to log on as (that twitter page) and deactivate it before you can activate another one. Surely this means I would have to create a separate Facebook profile with a page in each in order to link that particular page to it’s corresponding Twitter account? This is really a step backwards and needs a serious fix. I’m subscribed to this so am hoping someone will post a fix.


Same boat. Need my personal twitter to post to my personal Facebook acct (currently working) and I need my business twitter account to post to my Facebook Pages (just 1 page really) acct. There’s got to be a solution to this!


Bump. I also have multiple pages under my facebook profile that I would like to connect to corresponding twitter accounts. I’m really surprised that this isn’t already a feature. Should we be addressing this to Facebook developers instead?


Yeah… very annoying… a MUCH needed feature fix.


Same here. I am unable to use my personal account because it is already tied to my business account. I need both!