Facebook native video ads pre-caching failing



Hi guys
With the current implementation of the class “FacebookVideoEnabledNativeAd” from the Mopub android SDK once an ad is loaded we attempt to pre-cache the ad assets (main image, video, icon) using the Volley library provided in the SDK. For us it seems as though when we attempt to pre-cache a facebook video ad Volley throws a Volley error “com.mopub.volley.AuthFailureError” status code “403”.
Which then throws away the ad since its assets cannot be cached.

We have solved this issue on our side by simply not calling the “preCacheImages” method in "public void onAdLoaded(final Ad ad) ":

preCacheImages(mContext, imageUrls, new NativeImageHelper.ImageListener() {
            public void onImagesCached() {

            public void onImagesFailedToCache(NativeErrorCode errorCode) {

Any suggestions as how we can pre-cache a video ad or is this not possible yet?