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I’m trying a month a go to put my tweets on my facebook fan page, I try every post but still with this problem. some can solve it?
my error message is,

There was a Twitter server error. The error has been reported to our engineering team. Please try again as it might be a temporary problem.

regards! and thanks



I am the manager of my company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This has been an issue for us since at least May 16th when the last Twitter posts on our Facebook page was sent. I get the same error no matter how may times I try to unlink/link the accounts together. I tried clearing my cache of several different browsers to see if it was my computer’s issue but still no dice. Facebook.com/twitter should work too but it’s just not connecting correctly.

PLEASE, Twitter, get this issue fixed ASAP or at least tell us that it will be fixed soon. Everything I’m trying to Google in order to fix it goes straight to the same troubleshooting page that has not been updated recently, or just says to try unlinking and relinking the accounts together until it’s fixed.


I’m having the same problem. It looks like it’s pretty widespread and I have not found one solution on all the forums I’ve read. My Tweets post perfectly to my Facebook personal account but NOT to my Facebook Page.

Posts added to my Facebook Page post to Twitter so it’s not a Facebook Problem, so it makes me think it’s a Twitter problem.


I can’t understand whats going on really… but i have the same problem on that dates. But how we can make a ticket?


Oh goodness, I’m glad I’m not the only one having this problem. I’ve contacted support, and still no dice. Anyone else having any luck?


Our twitter autopost connection with our Facebook page posting has suddenly stopped working since the 12th of June, even after we have followed the instructions to disconnect and reconnect in our Profile settings.

We have updated our code to v1.1, the autopost function posts tweets to our profile page but the selected Facebook page has stopped posting? We have checked other Facebook Fan page sites and are seeing the same result!

Also the twitter tab page in the timeline view on the Fan page is also not working saying- ‘This content cannot be displayed in a frame’ and then redirects you back to twitter when you select to see more info in IE, in Firefox it is just a blank white page! Please can you check why this is happening to help fix! Thx.


I’m trying to connect my Twitter account to my Facebook Page and I keep getting this “There was a Twitter server error. The error has been reported to our engineering team. Please try again as it might be a temporary problem.” It’s not temporary. I keep tweeting and they aren’t showing up on my Facebook Page.


I actually think it could be a facebook issue, even though Twitter is giving us the error. I tried to connect the two in the Facebook Fan Page basic settings a month ago. At that point there was an option to connect. Now the basic settings and other settings have changed for the fan page and there is no longer an applications menu.

Either way, its going on a month now and they need to fix this!


Like everyone else here, I am really frustrated about this issue. But more than anything because after having contacted Twitter several times, the support team have failed to reply. And for me the problem started May 30th, 2013.


Too. Like everyone…
Please fixit.
And another problem: Posted tweets on facebook are sometimes shorten. – example:
RT @auv_ajs: Je-li žena naštvaná, obejměte ji a řekněte jí, jak je krásná.
Vrčí-li dál, ustupte do bezpečné vzdálenosti a hoďte … (missing: jí čokoládu.)
It destroy everything. Both of bugs.

Please fixit.


I am also experiencing the same problem, for quite a few months now… is there any update on getting this fixed?


Welcome all. Now backing me on.