Facbook Leaderboard Banners Not Displaying Properly



Facebook Audiance Network ads are not displaying properly when using Leaderboard format. The icon on the left is there, but the other 80% of the ad is just blank white space. Logcat shows that it thinks the ad loaded properly and displayed. I tried FAN SDK 4.15 and 4.18 with same results. Any ideas?


Hi @vbisbest,

Thanks for reaching out!

In regards to the FAN SDK version, you’ll want to make sure you are using our adapters with the certified network SDK versions outlined on our Supported Networks page. At the time of writing this, those versions are 4.15.1 for iOS and 4.15.0 for Android.

We’ll need some more information in order to diagnose the issue. If you can reach out to the Support Team at support@mopub.com with the device logs from your testing, that will help us to investigate what might be the problem.

MoPub Support Team