Fabric Twitter Unity AppCardBuilder ImageUri not working




I’m unable to post an app card on android, i see the AppCard but the image doesn’t show.

the uri im sending to my app look like this :

and the logs i am getting on my llogcat are this :

01-15 17:45:48.600: E/TweetUploadService(26891): Post Tweet failed
01-15 17:45:48.600: E/TweetUploadService(26891): com.twitter.sdk.android.core.TwitterException: Uri file path resolved to null

I don’t know what’s wrong with my uri but it seem good.

Thanks in advance


Hey @CobraGawd,

With that error message, it seems like when the Tweet is trying to post the URI file path isn’t valid any more and is now null. I’d recommend adding some logging from after you set the URI to just before posting the tweet to see if it’s changing and becoming an invalid URI.