Fabric Twitter Kit Unity3D


I have add Fabric to my unity game, then installed the twitter kit but i dont know how to login into twitter and compose a tweet. I read this (https://docs.fabric.io/unity/twitter/log-in-with-twitter.html) and (https://docs.fabric.io/unity/twitter/compose-tweets.html) but I still dont know what to do. If there is a video link please, but if there is no link please help me.


Those are currently the only links or samples that we have, what issues are you facing when adding the code into your app?


I just don’t know how to use the Twitter kit.


If you click on the Fabric plugin within your Unity IDE, then select the kit selector in the top-right corner, you can get the basic code you need from there and use the other documentation to take it further.


Ok thank you


I was wondering if you could help because I still don’t understand the documentation.


Ok, I’m attaching some screenshots. Let me know if you’re able to make it through these steps:

Select Fabric -> Prepare Fabric:

Then when the Fabric plugin appears:

Select Twitter and let me know what happens next.


I have done this already. I put the GameObject in the hierarchy. Now what do I do.


Did you get through this screen?


Yes then i put it in the heirarchy.


Thanks for confirming, what happens when you start adding the code snippets in the links you mentioned?


I put the code on a gameobject then i launch it on my android phone then nothing happens after that.


Can you let me know what you see in the console output and which code you’re using? Log in or compose?


I’m using the log in code and it doesn’t say anything in the console when I play it.


Thanks, can you please share the contents of the console when you attempt to login?


Nothing happens when I press on the GameObject/button to log in.


There’s no console output of any kind from any service? Can you please provide your code snippets being used?


No and
using Fabric.Twitter;

public void startLogin () {
  TwitterSession session = Twitter.Session;
  if (session == null) {
    Twitter.LogIn (LoginComplete, LoginFailure);
  } else {
    LoginComplete (session);

public void LoginComplete (TwitterSession session) {
  // Start composer or request email

public void LoginFailure (ApiError error) {
  UnityEngine.Debug.Log ("code=" + error.code + " msg=" + error.message);


anyone know how to compose tweet ??


Follow this :https://docs.fabric.io/unity/twitter/compose-tweets.html