[Fabric Twitter for Unity] How do I know when I logout from my app?



I’m using the Fabric’s Twitter Kit for Unity for login and authentication purpose.

I called the logout function, but there’s no knowing if I have successfully logout or not. And i’m not sure if the session was cleared upon logging out or not as well. There’s not much functionally exposed for Unity, so there’s nothing much I can do if I want to have a callback when I log out successfully or failed.

Maybe there’s something I missed or didn’t know, so my question is how do I know that my twitter account has log out from my app?


I just realised that the session does set to null if logged out. I should have tested more before I post the question here… :blush:

But I also found out that if I log out and then log in again, the login success callback, doesn’t seems to be called. I’m using the same code from this page, except that I made them into static.