Fabric and iOS 6 compatibility


We added the fabric framework to our project. When we launched the project for iOS 6.0 and put the fabric framework in Optional, the copilation process was ok but when XCode launched the application we had an error like:
dyld: Symbol not found: _NSDocumentTypeDocumentAttribute
Referenced from: /var/mobile/Applications/5C2DD97A-4ACA-4174-B78E-CEAA46450E26/babynightlighthd.app/babynightlighthd
Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/UIKit
in /var/mobile/Applications/5C2DD97A-4ACA-4174-B78E-CEAA46450E26/babynightlighthd.app/babynightlighthd
and the app crashed.
I saw in some topics on the forum that Fabric is compatible with iOS versions greater than 7.0. In our case we want only that the project is compiled and launched on iOS 6.0 even if the twitter plugin didn’t work on iOS 6.0 devices.
Anybody has any ideea about this issue?

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Hello Dan,

Fabric has several Kits(Crashlytics, MoPub and TwitterKit), and each Kit can have its own minimum supported OS version(that can be higher than the minimum supported OS version of Fabric).

Fabric’s minimum supported iOS version is iOS 5. TwitterKit’s minimum supported iOS version is iOS 7.

That being said, Fabric should work on any app that has a minimum supported target of 5+. If along with Fabric, you have TwitterKit, then it will work on any app with a minimum supported iOS version of 7+.

Your particular use case seems hard(you need compilation compatibility of a Fabric kit with a lower than supported iOS version). Maybe try guarding all your usages of TwitterKit including import within a macro check for iOS>=7?


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