Fabric - about getting next page using Timeline



Hey guys, I tried to get the home time line of the account that I’ve logged in with the example code on Fabric’s website, and It’s worked fine, but when I tried to call the next() function to get the tweets that is post earlier it just keeps give me the same results as before.
I’ve tried to set the timelineCursor and uses different timeline classes and even tried to override the next function myself. but didn’t work out sadly. I stuck here like two days so I’m wondering if you guys can show me a way about how to get more results, thx.


Hey @dk159357852,

If you can share some code snippets or Logcat output showing any failures or debug information that’d be helpful.

Here’s our documentation on how to add this: https://docs.fabric.io/android/twitter/show-timelines.html#timelines