Extract old #thaiflood tweets


Hi Twitter Team

My name is Rungsun.
I am a PhD student from Chualongkorn University Thailand
I was one many people affected by the big flood in Thailand during 2011.

At a result, when I have an opportunity to choose my own research topic.
I chose to develop the system to process information from crowd for disaster events.
I really wish the the final result of my research could help Thailand to much better deal natural disaster for next time.

Currently, I am in the early phase of my thesis. I found twitter is a very ideal platform for communication during disaster, but
I have very limited knowledge how the tweets during the flood event are really be.
I tried to extract all #Thaiflood tweets during July 1st 2011 until Jan 31st 2012, but
I found your API does not allow me to go back to that old message.

As a result, I am writing this message to ask for your suggestion if there any way I could do?

With Best Regards
Rungsun K.


Hi Rungsun, for that kind of data you should take a look at our Gnip product. They have a Historical Powertrack API which enables you to query the whole history of Twitter data.