Extending rate limits


We are developing application where we need to send 1000 DM in per 15 minutes session (considering peek hour). The application is to be used by a reputed business client in the market.

We have posted on the https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform more than a week back. But did not receive a reply.

The internet suggested we can get extended access with verified account

Requesting, if we can receive guidance on how to go about.


I’m not sure what this means or where you have read this. This is our forum to support developers and unfortunately we are not able to help with verification questions here.

You’ve taken the correct route to ask for elevated access via the Platform Support forms, but this is tightly controlled and your application is not guaranteed to be approved for additional access or privileges - in fact this is rare. If you’ve submitted a request it will be under review.

Additionally, if your business client has a Twitter relationship then they will be able to talk to the team they deal with directly.