Extended Tweets


We’re trying to post a tweet that’s longer than 280 characters using the Twitter REST API. How can we do this such that the tweets are considered a single tweet with respect to hashtags and links that we may want to embed? For example, do we put a tweet counter (1/3,2/3, etc.), and do we need to embed the hashtags in each tweet or at the end of the last tweet?



This is not possible, via the API or otherwise.


What is the recommended option to breaking up a longer tweet in terms of best practices?

What about the recommended use of counters, hashtags, etc. in automated tweets?


Ronny Shahrabani



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We want to be good corporate citizens - we are not spammers, we just want to know the right way of posting tweets using the Twitter API. We’ve removed references to all handles because we read that this is one of the issues that could cause Twitter to lock or suspend an account. Our tweets do have hashtags but they vary depending on the type of tweet being sent. We would also like to embed links to underlying data if that is acceptable. Furthermore, in many cases, the wording of our tweets may be similar but the data changes for a lot of our tweets, is this going to be a problem with the API?

Is this behavior allowable under the Twitter API or do we need to change anything? We know that you can’t send tweets greater than 280 characters, but we may have cause to send extended tweets from time to time and break them apart. What are the best practices for doing that? Can we put in a counter, can we add hashtags to each one? What is the best method of doing that so we don’t run afoul of the Twitter API?

If you would like to take a look at some of our Twitter feeds, here is the link: Twitter.com/rtfilings. or @rtfilings.

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Ronny Shahrabani


The rules about content are beyond the scope of the API and developer platform, and you can review them in the spam section of the Twitter Rules.

You can post any valid Tweets with the API, including hashtags, counters and links if desired. There’s no functionality in the API to automatically break up Tweets into 280 character blocks, so you’d need to do that yourself in code.

(note that “Extended Tweets” is a term used to describe Tweets that go beyond the original 140 characters, not to a thread of Tweets that correspond to multiple posts)



We posted the below tweets on Friday 4/6 but the later tweet was not propagated to any of the hashtags
and we think it was blocked from doing so because the tweet was so similar in
content to the earlier one:

Baker Hughes #rigcount: U.S. +10 at 1003, Canada -23 at 111. #wti #oott #natgas #oilprice #oil (1:02 PM)

Baker Hughes #rigcount: International -7 at 972. #wti #oott #natgas #oilprice #oil (6:03 AM)

Can you shed some light on this issue?


Ronny Shahrabani