Extended Tweets Prefix



Was going through the documentation and had a small question about the prefix portion.

When replying to a tweet, does the leading @mention (the person to whom you replying) need to be in the body of the tweet?

If I pass “auto_populate_reply_metadata” as true, will it get all the @mentions from the original tweet including the person to whom I replying?

Also, what happens if my handle is a part of the original tweet. Will that also be auto populate in my reply when the boolean flag is set to true?


Yes, yes and yes.

If you’re replying to a specific Tweet ID, and use auto populate, all of the mentions and replies from the upstream Tweet will end up in the prefix. As a result, you essentially have the full 140 characters of text to use. You do need to include new conversation participants in the text body, but any subsequent reply with auto populate would cause those to migrate into the prefix as well.


Is it required to have the person whom you replying to in the body of the tweet? Will it be counted towards 140 chars?


yes, currently this is still the case, as we have not enabled the new functionality for replies not counting. In the future, you will be able to leave out the existing @mentions and have the server populate them. If you add more handles in the body of the text, they will count in the 140.


Thanks for your reply. Had another question -

In future, when the extended tweets with prefix is rolled out -
If I am replying to a tweet made by user_handle -

mention1 mention2 mention3 Welcome to future mention4.

In the above case if I set auto_populate_reply_metadata to true will my reply include the mention4 or only the mentions at the start of the tweet?

So will my reply look like -

user_handle mention1 mention2 mention3 Thank you!


user_handle mention1 mention2 mention3 mention4 Thank you!`