Extended tweets for REST API



Do we know when extended mode (i.e. tweet_mode=extended) option will be available for REST API calls? We have clients of our application asking us for the ability to fully view their tweets, which they would first create on the twitter.com website, inside our application without having to worry about the attachments they add to their tweets causing truncation in our application due to exceeding the 140 character limit via the tweet attachments


Extended mode has been available in the rest API for weeks now when retrieving tweets


Ok then it seems I missed it. I was looking solely at the documentation for API calls that return tweets and didn’t see any info about it, e.g. such as this API call for home timeline tweets


Can you point me to the forum post or article that says when this was officially rolled out to the REST API? Very much appreciated




Thank you for this. I have read this link as well but this just says what they plan on rolling out versus what has officially been rolled out, or maybe I am misunderstanding something. I was looking more for an “This has officially been rolled you can now go ahead and use these features” type article =)


Indeed. Twitter hasn’t (still) updated their API docs to include tweet_mode=extended.