When the change will be reflected in rest api ? and when the compatibility mode expires?


There’s a Verge article floating around that says September 19th, but that’s not from Twitter. I’d keep an eye on https://twittercommunity.com/c/announcements forum and @TwitterDev twitter feed.


This is likely to be a staged rollout, given the scope of the changes.

We have nothing to share relating to dates, and in particular nothing to say on future deprecation of the compatibility mode, but you should expect a significant period of time before we would switch to extended mode by default, and we would also expect to provide an announcement with a substantial notice period before making that change. In other words, you should expect that compatibility mode will be the API default for a long while when the API changes start to become apparent.

In case you missed it, we published updated API documentation describing the new compose options yesterday.


ohh then, it means now both the modes ( compatibility and extented mode) will work?


We’ve not announced a date for the changes to go live.