(Extended tweet): reply to status mentioning several users replies to all mentioned



@user1 posts status : '@ user2 some text @ user3’
reply to this status using the extended tweet format:

‘status’: ‘some reply text’,
‘in_reply_to_status_id’: status.id,
‘tweet_mode’: ‘extended’,
‘auto_populate_reply_metadata’: True

Exected result (by me, at least):
the reply status will only mention the user that posted the status the reply is made for: '@ user1 some reply text’
Actual result:
‘auto_populate_reply_metadata’ adds ALL the handlers mentioned to the reply status, so the actual reply is: ‘@ user1 @ user2 @ user3 some reply text’.

Can someone say if this is the desired behavior for ‘auto_populate_reply_metadata’?
To me this just seems problematic, similar to what I posted a couple of days ago here concerning the behaviour for replying to retweets.

At least, is there any extensive documentation concerning ‘auto_populate_reply_metadata’ available anywhere ? (since the only ‘relevant’ information is from the new changes announcement on the dev twitter site.)


First of all, the changes to replies have not yet been rolled out - so anything you’re doing today may not match the final behaviour even if the endpoints accept some of the parameters. This is coming in the near future, but for now, the only change we’ve release is the attachment_url piece.

The documentation is currently all available in the upcoming changes page, but more detail will be added in appropriate places across the dev docs site in the future, after all of the changes have been completed.

The behaviour you are describing is expected i.e. that any @handles mentioned in a Tweet that is sent as a reply with auto_populate_reply_metadata will be moved into the replies prefix.

I’ll do what I can to work on clarifying the documentation as I’ve seen a number of questions about these behaviours, and appreciate that since it is new, it may not seem completely intuitive at first.

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Hi, thanks for the prompt answer. I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for the docs.
All the best.