Extended tweet changes for Gnip activity stream subscribers




I have a couple of questions regarding the upcoming changes to tweet which will allow mentions and attachment url to be outside of 140 char limit range.
For Gnip customers who are getting tweets in Activity Stream format:
1.) Do they need to set any parameter in connection API or any other API to get the tweet in extended format ?
2.) The only change for Activity stream format is that there will be a long_object entry containing the full body text and few other fields. Is that correct ?


Can anyone help out here please ?


Hi @ShantanuSocial2, sorry no one responded to you, but did you find out the answers to your questions here? I have the same ones :slight_smile:


More information on how these changes affect Gnip are available in this support article. I do not believe there is any new API parameter involved. If you’re having issues, I believe your regular Gnip support channel should be primed to help you.