Export tweets to excel file or CSV


Is it possible to take tweets from an account and export them to a CSV file or excel file? The information needed would be the text, name of user, date of tweet, and an ID of the tweet.


You can export an archive of your Tweets from your settings page. As well as a browsable interface and JSON API format responses, you will also find a CSV file that contains the fields you’re asking for.


@benward: Has the CSV option been removed from the archive exporter? I just exported mine, and there is no data/csv folder, just data/js.


The data/csv folder is still missing when I export my tweets. CSV is a hugely useful and simple format, and no one has documented or announced its removal. Is it deliberately gone, or is this a bug?


Hey you can try this application https://www.exporttweet.com. Using this application you can download your home and list timeline.


you can use tweepy to extract data in CSV File but the data are JSON Format


Hello, you can use this application http://www.twexlist.com. With this application you can export any twitter data to Excel file : your home and timeline list, follower list, friend list, mention list, favorite list, search results list, member list, etc…


Is there a way to export tweets from a year ago to csv?
twexlist and exporttweet are really limited

if there is no tools, is there a sourcecode?
thanks in advance


You can only access tweets from that period via our “Request your archive” tool (in your profile settings) - this only works for your own account.

The Gnip APIs also provide greater access to historical data.