Expected start_time to be precisely aligned at midnight in timezone America\/Santiago for granularity Some(DAY), got \"2016-05-15T03:00:00Z\" for


Any news @juanshishido?
The problem got even worse now.
Brazilian´s DST time has changed recently to start on November 4th and Twitter is demanding now to receive end_time in DST right now. I believe Twitter is considering the start of Brazilian´s DST on October 20th.
This makes the API completely buggy to query results in present time.
Don´t you guys consider this extremely high priority?


This picture from my profile shows how the whole Twitter platform is not adapted to the new Brazilian DST times. 30 of October is still NOT DST here. The time presented should be (GMT-03:00) Brasilia and not (GMT-02:00) Brasilia.


Hi @juanshishido, I’d like to point out that the bug happens also with unspecified timezone, not only with clashing schemas. I understand that DST exceptions are a complicated issue, so do you possibly have plans on keeping your timezone schema up to date, with the help of some dedicated third party resource?