Expected start_time to be precisely aligned at midnight in timezone America\/Santiago for granularity Some(DAY), got \"2016-05-15T03:00:00Z\" for


if the start_time is 15/5/2016
what ever i send it always failed , just with this timezone America/Santiago
which hour should i send ? i know that on 15/5 the timezone changed by back 1 hour
but what the hour should i send on this date (15/5) with this timezone ( America/Santiago)?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Asad! The hour you sent seems ok to me… But try with 2016-05-15T04:00:00Z too and let us know if it works.


i tried with 2016-05-15T03:00:00Z and with 2016-05-15T04:00:00Z and with 2016-05-15T02:00:00Z
all of this failed and just in 15/5


America/Santiago is now at -03:00, so you should try with this: 2016-05-15T00:00:00-03:00

Also, will be easier if you share with ads your /accounts request in order to see real timezone

Thanks :smiley:


@hector_borras: 2016-05-15T00:00:00-03:00 is the same as 2016-05-15T03:00:00Z, with which he said he tried and didn’t work.


correct , it just happen with 15/5


You’re right.

Maybe you should share your account information as I mentioned above


@hector_borras the error above is the what return when i send start_date as 2016-05-15T03:00:00Z
and it also happen with three diffrent accounts , when start_time =2016-05-15T03:00:00Z
i tried with 14/5 with 16/5 and it sucess,
but always it failed when i send 15/5


@Asad: I really don’t know why, it might be a bug on Twitter’s side. So I wait / I hope for an answer from someone on the Twitter Staff.



I think I know what it’s the problem.

The change between summer and winter time.

Check this news,

El Gobierno chileno de Michelle Bachelet, por medio de su ministro de Energía, Máximo Pacheco, ha anunciado que Chile repondrá su horario de invierno por tres meses, entre el 14 de mayo y el 13 de agosto. La medida representa un cambio de opinión a lo que el propio Ejecutivo había defendido hasta hace solo 45 días.

The Chilean government of Michelle Bachelet, through its Minister of Energy, Maximo Pacheco, announced that Chile will replace its winter schedule for three months, between May 14 and August 13. The move represents a change of what the government itself had defended until just 45 days ago.

So, what it means is last May 14 they changed to winter time :smiley:

More Info :slight_smile:


@hector_borras: Ok, so what does this mean? What start_time should he try with that he didn’t try with before?


i know that is the problem caused by timechange , but as @majoritasdev said what the start_time should i send ?
i tried even 2016-05-15T03:00:00Z and 2016-05-15T04:00:00Z and 2016-05-15T02:00:00Z
and all of this failed as start_time


Hi @majoritasdev ,
any news with the issue ??


Hi @Asad. I’m afraid I can’t help you. I think there may be a bug on Twitter’s side, so I wait / I hope for an answer from someone on the Twitter Staff.


Thanks @majoritasdev can you mention someone who can answer?
this issue was opened 4d ago , and with no one answer

Thanks alot for helping me.


You’re welcome, @Asad!

@hwz: can you please help here?


@hwz can you help please





Hi Asad - Could you please paste a twurl of your command which you believe should work?


Hi @JBabichJapan ,


even from postman i get : =>
this request with postman and i got the same error :
“message”: “Expect time to be midnight in the account’s local timezone for day granularity”,
“parameter”: “”
“message”: “Expect time to be midnight in the account’s local timezone for day granularity”,
“parameter”: “”

it always happen after 15 now , before was just 15 , now it happen always when start date after or equal to 15
(May 15, 2016, 00:00:00 clocks were turned backward 1 hour to )

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