Expanding the use of API by user's authentication



Hello All

I am NLP engineer in Japan, and planning a service that recommends movies by analyzing the user’s timeline text.
I believe that the enjoying movies on Twitter has a great value. Therefore, I would like more and more people to use this service.

However, the number of times is limited with a normal API(GET statuses/user_timeline).
As many other Twitter client app are increasing the number of times to get someone else’s timeline by user’s authentication,
I am also planning to get the timeline by getting the collaborator’s authentication to get the timeline.

I will develop it in the same way. Is this a possible way?
Thank you.


Yes, if you enable users to sign-in with Twitter then you can use individual user tokens to make these calls, assuming they relate ONLY to their own account. You should also make it clear to the user what your application is using their API access for. You must not use multiple user tokens for unrelated use cases.


Thank you Andy!!

I will try hard in the way you taught me and develop it and want to make it a fun service.
This service will surely be used by so many users!

So I have an additional question.

I found that there is a rate limit for authentication(request_token), but the number of times is not written.

Does it stop when authentication is got crowded?
If it stops, how can I make it active again?

Thank you.