Expanding and collapsing tweets on timeline



Could you make the twitter timeline capable of expanding and collapsing tweets from certain people while browsing through the timeline, because some people tweet a lot and i sometimes don’t get to see my other people’s tweets?

So by being able to expand and collapse them i could easily hide the clutter in my timeline. I don’t want to unfollow these people that tweet so much, but i do want to see my other people’s tweets as well.



I didn’t know friend were suppose to be in competition with each other. I guess if you are a challenge to them,you get thrown to the curb… This is so ridiculous!!


Једнога дана један богаташ дао је корпу пуну смећа једном сиромаху. Сиромах му се насмеши и оде с’ корпом. Испразни је, очисти и затим напуни предивним цвећем.

Врати се богаташу и врати му корпу, богаташ се зачуди и рече:
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А сиромах му одговори:
Свако даје оно што има у срцу.