Existing custom player cards and flash



Hi there,

Today our card at kapsuli.com stopped working.

So i went to the twitter forum and found:

Does it mean no flash in card and i have to remake my card ? Our site has been working fine since a while and suddently it’s gone.

I can’t remember when i got the approuve for kapsuli.com but i had one for our test domaine kapsuli.clevercloud.com before Aug. 11, 2015 and it’s not working with this domain too.

sample tweet : https://twitter.com/LTZONDA/status/684067920486465537

Any ideas ?


edit :

So i looked into it and i found that iframe for player cards are now in sandbox mode on twitter, meaning no flash will ever work. Is it a mistake ? Do i need a better approval ?


Little up :slightly_smiling:

I have checked the twitter player card documentation and found nothing on flash :frowning:

Is there a way to be sure to get all twitter API / card Update ? like a newsletter or something ?

Thanks for the help


Hi @Valentin,

Apologies for the delay here. As the announcement suggests, Flash is no longer available for Player Cards if created after Aug 11, 2015. This change was put into effect for user security and usability on mobile devices.

Your card for kapsuli.com was approved on Aug 24, 2015, and therefore would be subject to this rule. There is no record of an approval for kapsuli.clevercloud.com.

To answer your second question about updates, we make sure that all announcements effecting developers are posted on the Announcements section and Tweeted from @TwitterDev. You may also be interested in more granular changes on our documentation by following API Changelog’s updates here: https://www.apichangelog.com/api/twitter


Hi @jbulava,

Thanks a lot for your answers :slight_smile:
I do understand now why our Kapsuli card suddenly stopped working properly.

However, I’d like to know if there’s something we could work on together to get this fixed until Twitch players endly goes HTML5.

Here’s why in 5 big reasons:

  1. Our mission is to connect the livestreaming world to the masses by creating the best possible livetweeting solution made for streamers.
    Our main & 1st product today (https://www.kapsuli.com) enables any Twitch livestreamer to display their streams right Inside Twitter, for more viewership & engagement.
    We are providing unique content producers with the ability to connect their online broadcast into the huge virality of Twitter, giving them more chance to get known or reach a wider audience.
    And our users absolutely LOVE it.
    How can we prove that to you ?
  • Check out these little slides online: bit.ly/Testimonials-Kapsuli
  • Check how fast our early users tweeted to help us alerting you :wink:
    Sorry once again, @andypiper !
  • Type in @Kapsuli inside Twitter and see how much people are fascinating with what we built - even the Twitch R&D Team congratulated us in DM and pushed us to keep up the good work !
  1. Our product is also great for the whole Twitter’s people.
    You do know it, 99% of one’s Twitch community is on Twitter, as it is all about live. People are watching many streams at the same time and we give them the best “live preview” possible to scan Twitter timelines, looking for the best content. This way we consider Twitter as the best livestream search engine on earth and we are contributing to the improvment of its UX.
    How much would you be happy to be able to check out an amazing CS:GO livestream without ever leaving Twitter ?

  2. Aug 11, 2015 VS Aug 24, 2015. That’s a bitter pill to swallow. Don’t you think ?

  3. Regarding your mobile concerns, please take note that our card simply redirects to the Twitch app when you are navigating Twitter on a mobile device. About flash : We only use Twitch flash player loaded from twitch servers in https.

  4. We’ve just unlocked organic growth: 1K+ active users with an organic monthly growth rate of 30%. It would a real hard blow for us to be forced to wait until Twitch implements HTML5.

We love Twitter because we think this is the best place on the web to build new awesome media expériences through your Twitter Cards open-API.

I hope these 5 big reasons will make it possible for us to get an exception :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your attention,

Kind regards,



There is no “exception” here - even Adobe have stated that there is no future for Flash and we need to move forward especially with the need to support increasing numbers of mobile users.

Especially since you are (re)consuming another third party for “your” player, we would recommend that you engage with them to encourage that they love towards open web standards rather than relying on dead technology options. There is very little that we can do here and we would prefer to support a broader ranger of platforms as we can within our player cards.

I’d ask and strongly recommend that you don’t directly request support from individuals, for the very good reasons that we all have different skills, vacation and availability schedules, and that these are community forums where we are not always able to answer every question within hours, days, or sometimes weeks (especially immediately following holidays).

We understand that every developer is keen for the quickest response and resolution to their current issue, but we hope that these forums provide an open way to get access to the most current discussions, even when we are unable to individually address every question directly.



No exception, that is sad for us. As you said flash is a dead / dying technologie.

Twitch is working on a HTML5 based player. It is supposed to be release in 2016 according to the last news from them.

We learn from every mistake we make and it is obviously one of them. My apologizes may not be enough but i wish you could blame only us and not other users.

Thank you for your answer.


I appreciate your arguments, @Valentin! But unfortunately, as @andypiper mentioned, there is no exception to this Player Card update. I’m looking forward to Twitch going full HTML5 instead of just the player controls. Perhaps you can appeal to their dev team and try to get more info on their release plans. Sounds like you’re a great distribution platform for their content.


Hi @jbulava - I believe we’re in a situation pretty close to that of Valentin (we’re using a Flash player because it’s still pretty much the only way to efficiently display HLS-based live streams everywhere), with the exception that - if not mistaken - our card was validated (long) before Aug11, 2015.

–> NomadCast.com - here’s an example: https://twitter.com/kevadamsss/status/643457064606547968

Could you confirm that, and tell us why it’s not working any more? Thanks a lot in advance!


You are correct, @Tim_LB. Your Card was approved in February of 2015. Let me check with the Cards team about this.


Many thanks :slight_smile:

Twitter Player Video Card - Flash/HLS playback

Hi @jbulava - We’re in exactly the same situation as @Tim_LB, we have a HLS cross-browser player solution but it uses a flash polyfill to work on desktop browsers. I believe our player card was also validated at least a year or more ago, would you be able to confirm with the player card team and let us know whether the restriction would be able to be lifted?

Here’s an example of our current player cards: (live.fluxbroadcast.com) https://twitter.com/FluxBroadcast/status/653236742380736512

Many thanks!

Videos Shared/Distributed to Twitter No Longer Embedding Properly

Hi @jbulava - anything new on this? It’s still not working for us, which is a real problem… thanks in advance!


Yes, we have identified an issue and the engineering team should be deploying a fix soon. I will make sure to follow up when that happens.

This issue should only be affecting Player Cards that are pulling in content from a domain other than the one associated with the Card approval.


Oh ok! Good to know, and thanks a lot for taking care of the issue :smile:


Hi @jbulava, we have a similar problem with our video card. This is a big problem for us too.
Our Player Card was approved in June 2015.
Can you verify the account @radioradicale ?
Thanks in advance!


@jbulava - should I be opening a new ticket? Sorry to bug you but it’s kind of a (big) problem for us.


@jbulava - is there any news on this? I’m sure you guys are fairly busy but it’s almost been 2 weeks; did the dev team share any update with you about the fix? Thanks in advance.


Hi @Tim_LB, the deployment for the fix went out today. Apologies for the delay; there was another issue that was blocking this going out any earlier. Please let me know if the issue has been resolved for your Cards.


Hi @fdambrosio, the fix went out today and it looks like your Player Cards are working now on the web. Can you confirm this is the case?


It does!! Many thanks for the fix & follow-up, it’s up and running again! :smile: