Existing application cannot authenicate more users at this time


We were recently accepted to the Twitter Ads API program with our existing application. Our existing application already has over 100 tokens for various accounts and is in production. When we were accepted to the Ads program, we were suddenly unable to authenticate any additional users. We have not built out our Ads integration but we need to be able to continue to authenticate users. Can we have the restriction removed or if need be should we use a separate app for Ads integration?

Our application ID is: 9001518

This is preventing existing customers from connecting their accounts to our app and we need it resolved immediately.


@ChrisTOgden: Thanks for reaching out. Our team will take a look and work toward a resolution.


@ChrisTOgden: You should be unblocked for now. Your Twitter rep may have additional information for you. Thanks.


We had someone just try again and we are still receiving the same message. Is there anything we need to do on our side?

Can you confirm who our rep is?


@ChrisTOgden: You should contact Zachary. He’ll be able to provide additional details.


@ChrisTOgden: We will remove this app’s access to the Ads API so you can continue to add users to your existing app.

The guidance is to create a new app with which to start developing using the Ads API. Note that we have a 3-tiered system of access, each with their own token limits: developer, basic, and standard. More information on this on our developer site.


Thank you, I am waiting on feedback for someone testing it again. Somewhere along the way the recommendation for using a separate app was missed. We will create a new app for use, does the new app need to apply again?


Here is the new app ID: 13612365


Yes. This adds your app into the queue and gives the team that processes these visibility. Thanks, @ChrisTOgden.


I haven’t received a confirmation email that the new app has been approved or denied or anything. Can you check on the status of it for me?


@ChrisTOgden: Thanks for the follow up. Yes, your app has been granted access to the Ads API.