Exemption from 2,400 per day tweet limit


We are developing a marketing campaign that involves composing reply tweets to users that tweet using a particular hashtag. The number of replies being sent has potential to break the current 2,400 tweets per day per account limit.

Is there any way to temporarily increase this limit for a particular account for the duration of the campaign. If so, what is the process to gaining the exemption?

About restrictions on Tweet

Please review our Automation Rules and Best Practices. What you describe (auto-replying to users who tweet with a particular hashtag) will most likely get you suspended.


Hi @isaach, thanks for your response.

Our system requires human interaction on our side to generate individual replies to the collected tweets. Without divulging the full details of our system on this public forum, is there some way I can discuss this further with you or someone at Twitter to make sure we keep within the rules?


You can email me and I can find someone for you to work with. Let me know if you can’t find my email address via the link in my twitter bio.