Excluding retweets in the Twitter Search API using the -include:retweets param


I have been wanting to exclude retweets before showing the results of a search to our users. We use the “retweeted_status” to figure this out and hide the re-tweet in our system. But this brings the re-tweets into our system and is counted towards the 100 search results for a query.

But recently I found a way to not get re-tweets as part the the search API result set itself. If I have -include:retweets as part the search string, it seems to be excluding all the retweets.

My question is: Can we continue to expect the above to work going forward or is this a feature that may be taken away in the future?




I’m not an expert twitter user.
I want to INclude retweets in my search results using the search bar (top right).
I write in the search-line top right:

from:name_user include: retweets since:2013-1-1 until:2013-3-1

but the retweets are not included.
Any other suggestion? Should I use the API search?
Thank you in advance for your support.