Exclude users from embedded timeline


I hope some of you can help me with my problem with Twitter´s embedded timeline on my webpage.

I got a timeline with all the tweets with #bespaartip . The timeline works just fine in my cms and my webpage, but there are a few users who pollute the timeline with commercial tweets with the hashtag just to get on my website. How can I exclude some users? I can do it when I´m making a column in Tweetdeck, but not in de html-code for the Twitter widget.

This is the html code that I use in my cms:
Tweets over “@#bespaartip”

I tried to enter ‘-user’ to exclude someone, but it won´t work in this widget.

It would be great if someone got a solution


It’s a pity that no-one has ever replied to this thread. I’m having the exact same “problem”. A lot of false hashtagging going on just to be seen.

the ‘-user’ function doesn’t do the trick anymore and I don’t know how to make it work right now.

So please, anyone?