Exclude retweets from list


Hi there.

Is it possible to exclude retweeets from a list that is then displayed as a widget? I have a list that displays two separate twitter accounts as one timeline (http://www.pssru.ac.uk/index-kent-lse.php) but ideally I don’t want it to display RTs from those accounts.



No the official widgets do not have any option to hide retweets.
Though what you can do is have one widget that display a list with those 2 users.


Thanks. My understanding is that what I’m doing. I’ve a widget showing this list: https://twitter.com/pssru/lists/pssru

On the list, RTs aren’t showing. On the widget, they are?


I thought you just wanted that assuming that your 2 accounts are @account1 and @account2, if @account1 retweeted from @account2 you didn’t want both the original tweet from @account2 and the RT from @account1 to be displayed.
Currently, there is no easy way to hide retweets with the widgets. You might manage to do something with the search widget but I’m not sure.