Exclude addresses from the 140-character limit


Twitter should exclude the addresses from the 140-character limit. With long names and sometimes several addresses within a message, leaves little space for the message itself. The exclusion of addresses from character will allow meaningful messaging. And make life easier.


Twitter already only counts the length of the short url against the 140 character limit, which I think is a very good tradeoff. Not counting those at all, would be an open door for spammers, which could write Tweets with a huge number of URLs for example.


You are right about URLs. The fact is that most addresses take up to 25 characters. If the addresses are excluded, the users will get that many extra character to make their messages more meaningful. What spammers are already doing with up to 125 characters, they cannot do much more with 25 extra characters. However, those extra characters will mean a lot to users. After all, you do not lock yourself in your house for the fear that muggers will attack you if you move out!


Thanks for the suggestion. Closing this thread as we’re unable to do anything about this here on the developer forums.