"Exceeded connection limit for user"


I tried curling the streaming API but I just get a 420 telling me to “Enhance my calm”.

I’ve tried four or five calls, so it’s not like I’m bashing the API in any way, and I’m only in the pre-developing phase.

I know that the streaming API is only for long-term connections, but if I can’t test the connection, how am I supposed to actually stream my connection?


Are you making any other application connections at the same time?

I’d recommend testing with our twurl tool. Once you’ve installed and configured it, you can try connecting to the streaming endpoint like this:

twurl -t -d track=ruby -H stream.twitter.com /1.1/statuses/filter.json
twurl -t -H stream.twitter.com /1.1/statuses/sample.json


I also have seen this, but I thought it was to be expected. I can make a streaming connection and disconnect about three times in about 60 seconds. More than that and I will get a 420 error. The docs say that this request is limited to an unspecified number of calls, so I assumed this behavior was normal.


It seems I just to have some patience.
Now, testing it out it seems that it’s pretty limited how much data I can really pull as I can’t have several workers on the stream (more than 3).

I’ll have to reconsider my project.


You should not make more than 1 connection to the streaming API, per the documentation.

Each account may create only one standing connection to the public endpoints, and connecting to a public stream more than once with the same account credentials will cause the oldest connection to be disconnected.

Clients which make excessive connection attempts (both successful and unsuccessful) run the risk of having their IP automatically banned.