Example of Read only access token for application with out adding Oauth


First let me apologize if i am not asking this question correctly. I am developing a very simple php widget to retrieve the basic set of public profiles and the last 3 tweets by that profile. I have an example here: http://shawnsspace.com/plugins/API.twitter.php?name=twitter widget will be the box in center of page.

ISSUE # 1. : as is the widget is limited to 150 requests per hour, and makes 2 requests per view. This will not work for the intended purpose.

STEPS to SOLVE: i have created an application and have generated an access token, and access token secret. I have also read the documentation on implementing abraham / twitteroauth to get a user access token.

ISSUE # 2. : I have no need to have the user log into this application, it only requires read only access of public profiles. Is there a way i can make use of my applications access tokens using my current cURL requests with out adding (abrahms Oauth)

how can i append the applications tokens to this request, with out the integration of the Oauth?

function GetTwitter($name){
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, "https://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.json?screen_name=".$name."");
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
$sendCH = curl_exec($ch);
return $sendCH;


You’ll need to use an access token to perform this kind of OAuth with the Twitter API. If you’re doing your requests server-side, you may want to use your own access token – increasing your hourly limit to 350 requests per hour instead.

Another approach is to ditch OAuth and simply perform the requests client-side using JSON-P so that the requests are evaluated on your end-user’s behalf.

There is not likely going to be a scalable alternative for you without requiring an end-user to authenticate – though you might find some alternative implementation options by looking at the Streaming API’s filter.json method with the “follow” parameter.


Thank you for your prompt response episod. For now the 350 would be just fine in helping me understand how to implement my Applications Access Token to my curl request with out adding the full oauth. I was not sure if i could just add the parameters to the request url in cURL. Is there any example code handy?


You’ll still need to implement some form of OAuth, as the request still must be signed. [node:124] has some quick examples for this.


so the access tokens i generated in the Oauth tool for my Application can not be used as parameter in the url?


Only for a short period of time. OAuth is complicated – the time of day and two secrets are utilized in a very specific way to sign the request to ensure that it is “authentic” and unique.


Hey hi i am facing this error from last two days please help me where is going wrong…
Error:- Array ( [Invalid request token] => )
at the time of get access token
please help.