Everything Validates, but I don't see a card in my timeline



I re-validated… even though it said I was whitelisted the first time… and now it works. If you have this problem (no card after validation) try validating again.

I am validated, and post, but I see no card for my post. http://www.ninhodegente.com.br/produto/carolina-herrera-212-eau-de-toilette-masculino/

Thank you for any help.

Dave Jackson


Hi Dave,

I have exactly the same problem - card is validated okay - I get the email to say whitelisted but still no card showing when I share this in the timeline.

I then went through the process again, but - unlike yourself - still not working! Very frustrating as I’ve followed the documentation to the letter!

If anyone figures out how to get this working please let me know!

Kind Regards,